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A One Minute Meditation and Prayer

Prepare to listen to the quiet whispers God places upon your heart for physical healing by taking three deep diaphragmatic breaths.

Father I am so thankful for my health and ask for your power to sustain me as I learn to practice self-control and take care of my physical health. Help me to make wise choices to keep my mind, body and spirit healthy. Guide me to take responsibility for the food choices I make - to eat healthy foods, drink enough quality water, incorporate movement into my daily life and eat mindfully. Help me to find relief from stress and anxiety and value myself enough to make time to exercise, rest and enjoy relaxation. Help me to let go of negative or obsessive thoughts such as weighing myself every day or exercising excessively to the point of exhaustion. Teach me how to maintain a healthy balance. Today I will begin to have a positive attitude and take care of my physical health. Amen!

Take three deep diaphragmatic breaths and journal thoughts about ways God is teaching you to strengthen and balance your physical health.

Whispers of Gratitude...What three things are you grateful for today?




Blessings and Love from my Heart to Yours,


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 Understanding Stress and Anxiety and Natural Approaches to Take Your Life Back!

 This class is for you : If your lifestyle is disrupted because of anxiety, fear or panic attacks, you are not doing things because of your anxiety, you have racing thoughts, you are unable to make decisions, or you feel out of control of your life. 

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