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IT'S HERE! WHISPERS OF INSPIRATION for BUSY WOMEN - One Minute Inspirations to Refresh Your Mind, Body and Spirit is now LIVE on 

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These 52 weekly Spirit-inspired inspirations will empower and inspire you to practice self-love and self-care and live a more peaceful, abundant and purposeful life. These one minute inspirations were written for busy women who would like to set aside some "me" time and are ready for a lifestyle change. Make a promise to yourself to set aside ONE MINUTE PER WEEK for YOU to restore and refresh your spirit. Today is the day to begin your journey. IT IS YOUR TIME! 

 Has God put someone on your heart that needs some inspiring words or who may be ready for some changes in her life? Do you have loyal customers or clients?  This is a wonderful gift of gratitude to express your gratitude for their loyalty! Touch someone's heart with a copy of "Whispers of Inspiration for Busy Women" and continue to pass the blessings forward. Order your copy today at  

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Prefer an e-book?  I am excited to announce I will be launching an e-book version this Spring! So, inspirations will be at your fingertips.  Follow me here or on my FB page @sandyphilbin for updated information.

Blessings and Love From My Heart To Yours, Sandy

A book brightens a gloomy day, transforms a life and touches the heart and soul. Begin with one minute each week to discover the whispers deep within your heart, slow down and find restoration.

 This book is perfect for book clubs, personal growth, small study groups and gift of appreciation. Order your copy today of "Whispers of Inspiration for Busy Women" and order a few more to touch and bless others. 

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Your Spiritual Destiny

What feeling do you experience when you hear or say the word love? Love is the greatest power on earth and is the destination of your spiritual journey. When you give love away to another, you open the door to receive love back. Words can be encouraging or discouraging and harmful. Do your words and actions towards others come from love? How others react to you and what you attract to you are good indicators. Whenever we are not coming from love we are disconnecting from our Creator, our Source of Life, for He is love. Take time today to notice your words when you speak to others. Are your words and actions coming from love?

Anytime you notice your words are not loving and kind, stop and take three deep diaphragmatic breaths.  Then, ask God to change your heart so your words and actions come from love, the greatest power on earth.

Journal about how thoughts of love changed your day today.  

Whispers of Gratitude...What three things are you grateful for today?




Blessings and Love from my Heart to Yours,




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It is a book that you will not want to put down. I read many inspirations that were related to my life. It actually makes you sit back and reflect on your situation. There were days I would lose track of the time as you really get caught up in the many pages of this book. Great book Sandy Philbin can't wait till you publish another one. FANTASTIC - Janet

I have given this book as a gift to dozens of my clients. It is heartfelt, meaningful and easy to sit for just a few minutes to help keep you mindful and centered. Sandy is as wonderful as this book! I recommend this book to everyone! - Stephanie

                            GET READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Do you have a minute?  Not for me, FOR YOU!  My book "Whispers of Inspiration for Busy Women" is a great place to begin your journey to self-care.  Experience love for yourself for love is at the core of your inner being. YOU ARE LOVE! It is time to love yourself enough to give yourself the time you need to experience the whispers deep within your heart and soul. 

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Get one for you and one for a loved one, a heart friend or touch the heart of someone you do not know. Share the love....pass it on!  

Love and Blessings From My Heart to Yours,


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