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    Whispers of Inspirations for Busy Women by Sandy Philbin


The Winds of Grace During Harvest Time

Fall is harvest time and a season of change. The winds begin to blow and the trees shed their summer leaves. When you hear the winds blowing during the whispers of fall, imagine experiencing supernatural grace empowering you to do things you are meant to do. Obstacles will be overcome and the true desires and dreams in your heart will begin to turn into reality as you experience the winds of grace during harvest time.  The right opportunities and the right people will miraculously begin to appear. Take three deep diaphragmatic breaths, open your heart, and listen to the sweet sounds as the winds begin to blow. Feel God’s grace flowing through your entire being.

Take time for reflection and journal your thoughts about how the winds of grace changed your life.

Heart-Centered Whispers of Women - Follow your heart's whispers and BELIEVE! Your life is about to change forever!

Thank you so much for visiting our website. Welcome to the beginning of your journey to better health and mindful living.  We are currently updating the information on our website and are very excited to offer you new innovative programs and services in 2017.  In the meantime, please download a copy of my new e-book Whispers of Inspiration for Busy Women. This is a sampling of 7 Inspirations to nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Calling All Busy Overwhelmed your "to do" list never ending with other people's agendas?  It is YOUR TIME FOR SELF-CARE...time to  nourish and nurture your mind, body and soul and live the dreams deep inside of your heart in 5 minutes or less per day.  The programs I design will only take you 5 minutes or less to complete each day.  Yes, 5 minutes or less per day to become healthier.  My main focus will be on relief from stress and anxiety using natural alternatives.  Did you know stress can result in weight gain, poor sleep, digestive issues, insulin resistance and more.  Stress affects our body in many different ways and comes from various sources: Physical, Emotional, Environmental, etc.  My programs will teach you about how stress affects your health and you will learn natural methods for relief from stress and anxiety.  Would you like to increase your energy levels so you have time to enjoy the things you love to do, spend time with your family or get a restful nights sleep?

Heart-Centered Whispers of a Woman was created for busy women like you to nourish and refresh your soul, find inner peace, new beginnings and vibrant health.  Calm your anxiety with uplifting inspirations, relax and restore with breathing exercises and meditations. Learn how your thoughts and emotions affect your health resulting in heart disease, diabetes, depression and weight gain.  All programs and services are based on a holistic and natural approach in developing the mind, body and spirit through five pathways to obtain optimum well-being and wholeness: Physical, Emotional/Mental, Spiritual, Relational and Financial. 

My programs are based on natural alternatives to self-care, self-love and mindful practices. Coming in 2017 we will offer numerous programs on self-care: Classes and Workshops - Live and Online, Mini-Retreats; Meditations, Prayers and Affirmations, and On line Personal and Group Coaching sessions.