Sandy Philbin - Natural Health Educator

SHE-CARE Wellness for Busy Solo-preneurs

My approach to health and well-being is to look at the entire human being as a holistic entity

I view the health of the human body as an integrated system and provide education and training for women to develop an understanding of the importance of 5 key pathways to wholeness - physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, financial and relational.   Each program is specifically designed for women to efficiently and effectively isolate the area(s) of greatest needs to live and create a healthier lifestyle and find relief from stress.   

Sandy and Mysti

Sandy and Shaylah Belle

Sandy Philbin - Natural Health Educator, Speaker and Author for Women after 40

"I believe it is important to be mindful of 5 key pathways to obtain optimal health and well-being: Physical, Emotional/Mental, Spiritual, Relational and Financial.  It is through mindfulness and awareness that you will be able to achieve your dreams and lead a peace-filled, meaningful and fulfilling life.

                                                                                     DREAM....BELIEVE....INSPIRE....let your light shine brightly

About Sandy

As the founder and CEO of Designer Fitness LLC, dba Sandy Philbin, and creator of "Heart-Centered Whispers of a Woman's Heart", I am committed and passionate about educating and guiding women to re-balance her physical and emotional health and find relief from stress through natural alternatives in five minutes or less. 

"My journey into wholeness began several decades ago as a fitness professional  in the fitness industry and through many life experiences. Over the years I have learned and am still learning how to discover the core of my being.  Once I began to go deep inside of my inner being I began to believe God created me for a specific purpose, that I have a destiny to fulfill.  And so began my journey to discover who I really am and my big "why" in life. It is when we reach this awareness that we will then begin to make healthy choices, live life mindfully, purposefully and with intention." I design  programs that are able to be done in five minutes or less so women can begin to practice self-care in a few minutes a day.

Life experiences have led me to become resilient, tenacious and develop courage to move forward despite the challenges life presents.  My heart is filled with compassion and understanding for women who lack time and courage to practice self-care and self-love and who also experience stress and anxiety.  My heart led me to creating  " Heart-Centered Whispers of  a Woman of a Woman's Heart" formerly "Whispers of a Woman's Heart".  Each day I am challenged to work through my anxiety and overcome fear, confusion, and lack of self-confidence. Each day I have to make a choice to either master my anxiety and stress or be a victim.  I choose to master my anxiety and stress and want to share what I have learned and continue to learn with other women who would like to do the same.

As a heart-centered natural health educator, speaker, and author, I acquired certifications and training from ACE, CHEK, FiTOUR and Schwinn and have been in the fitness profession since the 1980's. I was re-united after 30 years to my college sweetheart from Pennsylvania, Barry Philbin. We were married in 2006 and adopted Shaylah Belle - a beautiful Red Heeler mix who we rescued from the Northeastern Washington Animal Protection League in Colville, WA.  Barry and I are dedicated dog lovers and believe in healthy lifestyles for our dogs so in 2012, I founded Pilates Plus 4 Pooch and U program  in dedication to Mysti who lived 18 wonderful years. Mysti was an inspiration to many and has left her legacy of health and love for dogs in the world.  I would like to thank the students from Gonzaga University and Whitworth University for being a part of our journey in making this dream and meaningful program become a reality.  We are so blessed to have Shaylah Belle currently in our lives to carry Mysti's legacy forward and support local shelters and programs.  


C.H.E.K Institute:

  • C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level I

Certifications and Training: ACE Gold Certified Personal Trainer; FiTOUR Pilates and Group Exercise Instructor; Schwinn Indoor Cycling Coach

  • BS - Health and Physical Education
  • MA - Organizational Leadership with Human Resources Concentration