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Walk in the Light 

by Sandy Philbin

Every day you have a choice to walk in the light or walk in darkness. It is when you begin to make conscious choices and open your heart to the light, the dark shadows in your life will begin to disappear. Light shadows will begin to dominate your thoughts drawing you closer to the light overcoming the shadows of darkness such as jealousy, anger, addictions, judgement or a controlling nature. To heal and move from the dark to the light, ask God to reveal shadows and change your heart so you can begin to walk in the light for He is the light. This will require courage, honesty and compassion towards yourself as you consciously become aware of the part you play that may have caused harm or hurt to yourself or another. 

Take three deep diaphragmatic breaths and a few moments to acknowledge any dark shadows that may be keeping you from the light.

 Journal your thoughts about shadows keeping you from the light and three ways you can overcome shadows of darkness by walking in the light.

Whispers of Gratitude...What three things are you grateful for today?




Blessings and Love from my Heart to Yours,